Scratch Testing Machines for Sale and Services

Scratch testing is typically tested by a surface machine, and creates reports that specify, scan, or appraise the scratch of the material. Surface machines typically test scratches on bottles, plastic, metals, and Polymers. Each material of course is going to show more of a scratch than the other. For example, a plastic bottle scratch will appear more than a metal bottle scratch. Although this is very obvious, a surface machine would be able to identify exactly how much of a difference the scratches were. In order for the machine to perform correctly, there are specific size requirements that need to be met. The machine is very tangible, and its criteria is that the material be no smaller than .5” X 4” pieces in order for the machine to grip the object.

Surface Machine Systems offers scratch testing machines for sale and services if you need a quick turnaround or a one-off report.

The object also cannot be any bigger than 12” X 24”, and this is the same reason for being too big or too small, the machine has to be able to grab the object. If the criteria is not met and the object is not the right size requirements for it to be able to grab, the machine will most likely not be able to perform correctly. The thickness of the object can be 1.5” in inches, but there is no minimum of thinness.

When to use Scratch Testing?

The reason why you would want to use scratch newtons of load testing, is because many objects are subjected to being neglected during shipment or any kind of transportation of being moved from one place or the other. This occurs especially when moving objects state to state or country to country. Throughout shipping, packaging can go through a lot, including dropping, rubbing against other objects and aggressive shifting. Scratch newtons of load testing helps decrease the chances of that happening by helping the product pass QA testing, reduce the amount of customer/product returns, and increase satisfaction to the end customer. With that being said, this is a great product for small and big business owners that have to ship most of there products to customers.

Packaging and shipping can at times be complex and fortuitous, because sometimes shippers may think they did a great job packing the item and it can still become damaged. Although the surface machine is an excellent tool to have on hand to ship items and help determine its survival, it isn't designed to physically desensitize the object. Scratch newtons of load testings job is mainly to provided an adequate amount of information to determine how resistant the material is to scratch. Knowing this gives people shipping items a good idea of how they should pack there items to prevent any kind of damage to the object. In other words, it is the surface machines job to define is survival, and the shippers job to desensitize the item with extra packaging. The surface machine has also passed many quality, topical testings to ensure it is a product worth using and proved to work. Surface Machine Systems sells machines and provides testing for users that send in samples, that way customers that aren't sure on how to use the machine, can get there products tested by experts.