Scratch and Mar Testing Services

Surface Machine Systems is a leading manufacturer of precision scratch and mar testing technologies. Our equipment can evaluate materials according to industry standards, and we also provide an on-demand service for friction scratch testing reports. Continue reading to find out more about our scratch and mar testing services.

SMS produces integrated tools that characterize wear and scratch resistances. The generated information allows for intelligent and cost-efficient selection of materials that can withstand operating conditions over an object’s intended lifespan. Optimizing tribological properties helps ensure durability in a variety of use cases—from the most demanding aerospace parts to food packaging. Tests are also frequently performed on wear surfaces, functional coatings, paints, automation components, films, and consumer goods.

Plastics, metals, ceramics, glasses, and textiles can all be analyzed. Different styli are available to suit every need, and custom loads and speeds can be programmed to better simulate real-world wear and friction regimes. Aspects of the instruments are modular and can be matched to sample compositions and intended operating conditions. Despite the equipment’s versatility, it does not sacrifice user-friendliness. Installation is quick and simple, and only a short training session is required for effective operation.

Almost all common sample dimensions can be accommodated. The smallest testable size is 0.5” x 4” (10 mm x 100 mm) with no minimum thinness, while the maximum testable size is 12” x 4” x 1.5” (300 mm x 600 mm x 40 mm).

The friction scratch testing reports provided by our tools offer many benefits. Among others:

  1. Components can be examined for conformity to QA requirements.
  2. Service requests and returns resulting from premature failures can be minimized.
  3. Higher customer satisfaction due to increased product quality and longevity.
  4. Design times and costs can be reduced with in-house analysis.
  5. Easier selection between materials with similar qualitative performance using quantitative data.

Machines can operate in ISO 19252:2008, ASTM D7027, ASTM D5178, Volkswagen PV3952, GM14688-A-10N, and Toyota TSL3618G 4.9 modes. Other methodologies are also supported. SMS has extensive experience both developing and properly implementing standards for the determination of scratch and mar resistance.

Our instruments are trusted in both research and industry and have been rigorously validated by clients. No other manufacturer offers a similarly powerful and versatile tribological testing package. Whether you are working in materials R&D or furniture design, we can provide customized equipment to best serve your requirements. If infrequency of use or budget concerns prevent a machine purchase, our convenient and affordable testing service is an excellent alternative.